Neural Systems & Behavior


ICB-MBL- FAPESP joint course

Neural Systems & Behavior

Juqueí, SP- Brazil

December 9-14 2012

Aapplication Deadline: August 31st


Directors: James Knierim (Johns Hopkins University, USA); Newton Canteras (University of São Paulo, Brazil); Paul Katz (Georgia State University, USA).

A one-week lecture course designed for doctoral students, post-docs, and junior faculty. Students will learn current related to the neural basis of behavior based on the study of a number of different model systems. Topics range from evolution and development of the nervous system to learning and memory and social behavior.
Each morning and afternoon session will be devoted to a particular topic, in which eminent faculty members present lectures covering both the basic backgrounds as well as latest developments in their fields. Each day will also include specific times in which students have the opportunity to meet the faculty lecturers and discuss their topics in an informal setting. In addition, three speakers will present research lectures in the evening. Thus, the course will mix both didactic instruction with standard research seminars to provide students with a broad overview of current progress in understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of behavior.

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