Postdoctoral Opportunity

Ye Lab
University of Michigan, Life Sciences Institute Department of Cell and Developmental Biology Ann Arbor, MI 2010 Pew Scholar
Research Area: Neuroscience, Developmental Biology, and Cell Biology

Current opportunities at the Ye lab: we are studying the mechanisms underlying neural circuit assembly. A particular research interest is how neurons become compartmentalized and how this process contributes to the way in which neural circuits are organized. We primarily use Drosophila as a model system, but also investigate the evolutionary conservation of identified mechanisms in mammalian neurons.

Current projects include:
1) Mechanisms that differentiate dendrite development from axon development in vivo;
2) The function and regulation of local trafficking of membrane proteins through the dendritic secretory pathway;
3) Developmental mechanisms underlying sensory maps formation.

Applicants with training in the broad field of neuroscience, developmental and cell biology are encouraged to apply.

Prior experience in Drosophila genetic is NOT required.

Feel free to email me ( for more information on the research projects.

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